White Horse Corporate Photo ID Cards and Badges

For a more defined form of identification, White Horse Corporate Badges offers Photo ID in both card and badge form.

Credit card sized Photo ID cards, composed of high performance polymers, are longlasting and durable - unlike brittle plastic cards. Available for use in a wide range of different fields of industry, the Photo ID card is designed to be clear and precise with the chosen staff member's details, photograph and company logo displayed, generally on a white background for maximum effect. Variations are available, along with bar codes etc.

We offer a range of different fastenings including clips and chains, lanyards and holders.

Photo ID badges are pretty much as standard corporate badges, with the addition of a photograph to enhance the level of identification. These badges are also available on request in a premium version (as are corporate name badges) with a clear domed finish, offering a more sophisticated look.

The ordering process for Photo ID cards and badges is relatively simple. We basically need jpeg images (preferably not exceeding 200 KB in size) of those persons requiring badges. Initially your photos need to be taken with a digital camera and then uploaded onto your pc. We can forward simple instructions to help with any resizing difficulties you may have, should you need them.

For free sample of Photo ID cards and badges, please forward your details along with a good copy of your logo in jpeg, pdf or tif format to enquiries@whitehorsecorporatebadges.co.uk